Companion CubeI don’t really know much about Papercraft.  I guess it’s like an advanced form of Origami.  Or perhaps its an ancient secret passed on by Martians.  At any rate, some of the results are amazing.  And of course they are all well outside of my technical abilities.   portal turret

But a funny thing happened as I began to look for more examples of papercraft on the internet.  I discovered that there was a serious lack of any comic book related papercraft.


Is it because this is a more traditional Japanese past time?  Is it because comic book fans don’t care?  Or is it all part of that Martian ritual?  If we learned anything from cartoons and science fiction, it’s that you can’t trust a Marian (except, of course, J’onn J’onzz). 

The closest I could come to finding a good comic book papercraft was this IronMan.  Which is an excellent example.  But I want more!  I want to see some clever papercraft involving Batman or Doc Ock. 

I want to see a paper Spider-Man swinging his way through NYC. 

Is this really too much to ask?

In the meantime I will have to sit back knowing that anime fans are way ahead of comic book fans.