Off the Cuff

Back in February I mentioned that video game papercraft was far surpassing it’s cousin (comic book papercraft).  However, I think the tide may be turning in this battle.  In a major couter attack we now have the Batmobile created entirely in papercraft. 

Just looking at it gives me paper cuts…

Batmobile papercraft

In last week’s column I was talking about how great Joss Whedon’s new project Dr. Horrible was.   I considered it one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long, long time.  Sure I recognized it’s darker aspects (for instance, the fact that Dr. Horrible never really showed any hint of remorse for his actions). 

But I wasn’t prepared for the much darker third act.

The problem is, since Whedon relied so much on viral marketing (i.e., you and I spreading the word in emails and forums) I feel a bit mislead as to what I was marketing. 

While I still recommend Dr. Horrible to just about anyone.  I wouldn’t claim it’s “funny” or “light hearted”.  It’s a significantly dark story.  Which isn’t bad, it’s just not what I was led to believe.     

Now maybe I told myself it was going to be a comedy.  And maybe I shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion.  But that’s the challenge of marketing like this.  Whedon may create a new way to market creative content – but he (and others) better be careful to not alienate their “marketers.”