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Reviewer: Craig Reade
Quick Rating: Pure retro fun

Jason Paulos makes you go Eeek!

By: Jason Paulos
With contributions From: Darren White and Bodine Amerikah
Cover By: Aly Fell
Editor: Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Publisher: Frank Forte, Asylum Press
ISBN: 1617240109

Modern comics are almost certainly dominated by the superhero genre – but over the last decade or so, different genres have had little flashes of resurgence. Even still, the classic genre styles remain as lost in comics as they have in other mediums. Just as Science Fiction has morphed into a style that is more legitimate (but less fun), horror seems to have evolved into one of two things – serious psychological thrillers or gore, gore, gore.

Eeek! is an anthology of a different sort. Rather than put out a bland collection of today’s generic variety of horror, Paulos demonstrated what is old can be new again, and had fun. Eeek! features a collection of classic-style horror shorts, the kinds of things you would read in comics prior to the infamous Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency. And these stories are dead ringers for those classic tales. They have everything – eerie narrators introducing you to the delightful fright to come – ghouls, ghosts, zombies, vampires – disembodied heads and beautiful, busty women who you just know are going to be stalked, kidnapped, chased, dismembered, or will ultimately be the monster themselves. And to boot – they are funny. Some punch lines are more morbid than others, but there is almost always some kind of dreary twist that is going to make you chuckle.

The art is something else. Paulos draws each story in one classic style or another, but with the added perk of having modern printing techniques and high quality paper stock. The introduction by Bruce Jones points out Paulos’ incredible range, and I am happy to report that it is indeed remarkable. Each story looks completely different from the next, but equally competent to the point where you could almost swear they were drawn by different artists. This is some real quality work.

Speaking of quality work, I have to mention the cover – it is painted by a young artist from the United Kingdom named Aly Fell. This cover I thought was interesting, but nothing overly spectacular. However, when I was looking at the cover and sketch gallery at the back of this book, a couple of them caught my eye. They were brilliant – stunning even. And all painted by Aly Fell. Do yourself a favor – stick his name in a Google search and look at the images that come up. I don’t know what kind of training he has had, but it looks like he has had some. His work makes the work of those popular but mediocre pin-up cover artists we see at Marvel and DC these days look absolutely amateur.

I have to say I was surprised by Eeek!. I had an absolute blast reading it, and for the first time in a while I was able to sit back and enjoy reading something without the faults lining up and begging for my attention. If this is the new face of modern horror books, sign me up for a subscription. This was a fabulous read.

And yes, for those who are familiar with my review style, those are 5 star ratings below. I enjoyed this book that much.

5/5 Stars

5/5 Stars

5/5 Stars

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