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This week on the $40 Pull List, I have a pair of titles to cover – part three of The Omega Effect in Daredevil #11, and Cullen Bunn’s Wolverine debut in issue #305. It looks like Reed Gunther #10 is still on track for a May 9th release – it turns out both Houghtons were caught up doing their day jobs in the TV world, resulting in the delay. They are promising extra pages at the same cover price to help make up for the delay, so that’s something!

It is also the last $40 Pull List for April, so I will be going over next month’s titles and deciding what to drop and what to add!

Last but not least, I still have issues available from this month, so if you want to get a free taste of any of these titles – read on to find out how!

NEW ISSUES: APRIL 25th, 2012

Daredevil #11, $2.99, Marvel Comics. Due Out 04/25/2012 ON TIME
Written by Mark Waid, Art by Marco Checchetto, Colors by Matt Hollingsworth

Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Punisher have come together to take down the Megacrime organizations Hydra, AIM, Agenc√© Byzantine, and the Secret Empire. Previously they set a trap for the four groups using the drive as bait, only something has gone wrong. Daredevil is shot in the back by Punisher’s “ally” Cole, who stole the Omega Drive for herself and beat a hasty retreat. Even worse – the device Spider-Man built to destroy the drive was ruined in the process. With Punisher covering their escape, Spider-Man and Daredevil split up and go off in search of Cole. Matt manages to talk her into surrendering the Drive, and the trio beat back one last press by Hydra. The Drive recovered, the three part ways.


I was very worried that by not following the other two Omega Effect issues that I would be hopelessly lost reading this issue. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem. Waid did an excellent job giving the readers all of the information they needed to follow this story without getting too lost. I admit I haven’t followed Punisher for a very long time, but assuming that this Cole character is a major player in Punisher’s universe, this issue is something I don’t think Punisher readers can afford to miss. Missing the first two parts does kind of deflate the impact of the issue – it ends up being a pretty decent action issue, but beyond the understanding that the heroes are trying to get Megacrime off Daredevil’s back you really aren’t emotionally invested in the climax you are reading. I’m not sure this could be handled any better given the nature of crossover stories, so I have to give Waid credit for making this issue as accessible as possible to those readers unable to pick up all three parts of the crossover.

Hopefully this is it for crossovers involving Daredevil for a while. If you don’t count #10.1, 2 of the 11 issues of this comic have been involved in some crossover. Considering how long comic arcs usually are, that is a lot of interruptions on a title so young. Time to focus inward Marvel! This is an outstanding title, let’s let the story breathe a bit before linking it up with something again… please?

Wolverine #305, $3.99, Marvel Comics. Due out 04/25/2012 ON TIME
Written by Collen Bunn, Pencils by Paul Pelletier, Colors by Rain Beredo, Inks by David Meikis

The authorities are investigating a killing spree – an unknown assailant is brutally killing people throughout the country and taking the victim’s brains. There is a witness in New York – a young boy who draws a picture of the murderer: Wolverine. On the other side of the country, Logan struggles with missing time – blackouts that end with him waking up in a strange place covered with blood and gore. Logan investigates Dunwich Sanitorium, and reflects on his time under the thrall of Dr. Rot. He realizes he is still under Rot’s control, and he needs to hunt Rot down, all while staying under the radar.


I was pretty excited about Bunn starting up on Wolverine – but I have to admit I am a little let down. Sure – it isn’t a bad story, but I was expecting something a bit bigger to start things off with. The story here was slow, but filled with missed opportunities. Granted, it was pretty obvious from page one that Dr. Rot was going to be involved – but for the slow pace of this story, there was a lot we could have seen but didn’t. Why not show Wolverine waking up from one of his black-outs, and freaking out? Why not have the FBI hot on his tail while he tries to figure out what happened to him? Instead we get Wolverine instantly deducing what is happening, and them moving on to hunt Dr. Rot with a striking lack of concern about the people he has killed. Oh, he mentions he feels bad, but that’s about the extent of it.

Bunn is good at a long-term, ongoing story, and for all the faults I found with the issue, he has already managed to get several pieces in position, so the overall story still could turn out well. I enjoyed this issue enough to keep it on the list on the basis of it’s story potential – though the twice-a-month shipping at $3.99 might be a killer. I will address that in the next section.


We have a couple of drops this month – the budget is extremely tight, made all the worse by Daredevil double shipping this month, paired with Wolverine at $3.99 shipping twice a month regularly.

The decision is pretty easy here. I have a very real problem with 32 page books from Marvel or DC priced at $3.99. I am willing to pay a little more from a smaller publisher, since their costs are higher per issue, but take Wolverine #305 – a full third of that issue was ads! Marvel is free to price their products at any level they like, but when you are on a budget (and hopefully when you have a little more to spend), you really shouldn’t be spending more on anything than it is worth. And Wolverine definitely isn’t worth $3.99. For that matter, neither is The Defenders.

DROPPED: Wolverine
DROPPED: The Defenders

Batman is not getting dropped here because unlike Wolverine and The Defenders, it is giving you extra content for your $3.99, so while I am not thrilled with the price, you are getting your money’s worth. Batman is still on the fence based on the content though – and once Night of the Owls is over, I will be taking a hard look at that title. I will say that the $4.99 Annual coming out this month will not be on the list, despite the Night of Owls tie-in.

As far as new titles go – we are dipping a little heavily on the DC side this month. Fair is fair – the list was Marvel dominated for the first few months after the DCnU relaunched, so a little reversal isn’t so bad for a couple of months. I am pretty intrigued by some of the new books launching this month at DC, and there was no way a couple of them weren’t going to make it on the list. It was a hard choice, but I did manage to narrow it down to just two.

ADDED: Dial H #1, $2.99, DC Comics. Due Out 05/02/2012
ADDED: Earth 2 #1, $3.99, DC Comics. Due Out 05/02/2012


Daredevil #12, $2.99, Marvel Comics. Due Out 05/02/2012
Dial H #1, $2.99, DC Comics. Due Out 05/02/2012
Earth 2 #1, $3.99, DC Comics. Due Out 05/02/2012
Batgirl #9, $2.99, DC Comics. Due out 05/09/2012
Reed Gunther #10, $2.99, Image Comics, Due out 04/18/2012 DELAYED – Due Out 05/09/2012
Batman #9, $3.99, DC Comics. Due out 05/09/2012
Blue Beetle #9, $2.99, DC Comics. Due Out 05/16/2012
Nightwing #9, $2.99, DC Comics. Due Out 05/16/2012
John Carter: Gods of Mars #3 (of 5), $2.99, Marvel Comics. Due out 05/16/2012
The Sixth Gun #22, $3.99, Oni Press. Due Out 05/16/2012
Daredevil #13, $2.99, Marvel Comics. Due Out 05/16/2012

TRADE BANK – $10.00
Daytripper TP, $19.99, DC Comics. Due Out 02/01/2012

$.23 (Bank from April) + $40.00 (May Budget) + $3.22 (Reed Gunther #10 Delayed) = $43.45
$43.45 – $35.89 (May Issues) – $2.78 (tax) – $4.00 (Trade Bank Deposit) = $0.78 Banked for June


I’ve set up a page for the free comics I have available. As I mentioned last week, I am giving away all of the issues I pick up for the $40 Pull List, so if something catches your eye, drop me a line by following this link! Passkey is “Free!”

I will cover three new issues next week, so see you again in 7 days!

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